3-1 Pipe Connector

3-1 Pipe Connector


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Next day delivery available on selected water features!

Our 3-1 Pipe Connectors are designed to fit both 1/2  inch pipe and 3/4 inch pipe. It also allows you to control the water flow on each of the sections.

The idea of a 3-1 connector is to allow you to run up to three water features/ fountains off one pump.

If you would like only two features running then you can turn the flow off completely on the third connector

No Hiab Delivery

We do not use hiab delivery vehicles

No Obstacles

Access must be sufficiently wide and free of obstacles.

Level Ground

Ground must be level for a safe delivery.

Sufficient Vehicle Access

Delivery is to the nearest kerbside or hard standing.Goods cannot be left on a public road or pavement.

No Loose Surfaces

Hand pump trucks will not operate on soft ground or loose gravel. Goods cannot be pushed uphill, downhill or across lawns.


All orders are delivered within 7 days (Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm)