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Water Feature Cleaner ECO Friendly 500ml


Water Feature Clear 500ml
Green water and blanket weed treatment
Ecopond Water Feature Clear is an eco-friendly approach
to the problem of green water, algae and blanket weed
in fountains, barrel features and small ponds.
The product works by starving the algae and changing
the water chemistry to inhibit algae growth and provide
good water clarity.

Benefits of Water Feature Clear:
o Controls algae, green water & blanket weed in
o water features.
o Helps eliminate stagnant odours and reduces the
o need for cleaning
o Safe for all feature types including stainless steel, stone
and wood.
o Clean, simple and easy to use.
o Safe for plants, humans, pets and wildlife.
Dosage: 30ml as an initial dose for features up to 20 litres
10ml per week thereafter
For larger features or ponds increase dosing

Water Feature Clear is formulated from micro-organisms grown on straw which is
produced under the F.A.A.B (Farm Assured Scheme). No herbicides or pesticides are
introduced in the growing process, or during the production process.