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Granite Babbling Basket – Stone Only

Original price was: £210.00.Current price is: £120.00.


Seconds!! – Sold as seen!! Items which have weathered over time and may have a few slight imperfections; but the price will reflect this. Still in good condition and will last years to come. Mostly in need of a good clean!!

This hand carved babbling basket will make a great centre piece for any garden. The water babbles in the centre then trickles down the sides of the basket. At night, the light will shimmer in the centre of the basket creating ripples of soothing light on the surrounding granite.

This feature has been hand carved from Beige Granite. Its approx 35cm High x 24cm Wide – perfect size to fit in an existing flower bed.

This item is stone only – of you need the whole set up for a water feature you’ll need to buy a ‘reservoir & Grid 54cm’ and ‘Water Feature Kit’ . Links for both below

Reservoir & Grid – 54cm


Water Feature Kit