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Deer family panel


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Add a touch of sophistication and high-class design to your garden with these magnificent laser-cut screening panels. An unique deer family design is cut into a thin sheet of steel and offers a stylish way to divide or bring life to your garden. The 4 panels which makes up one picture allows you to place them where you would like – whether that being in the middle of a flower bed or near a pond – they wont disturb the natural look of your garden as they simply will blend in and add interest to the chosen area

The black steel finish of this large decorative screen creates a raw yet modern that lifts your space to a level of refinement.This product is strong; although the steel being 0.8mm thick, there is a 5mm rod at the back which supports the panels. Once weathered, this product will be completely maintenance free.


Name Size Weight Colour Material
Deer family panel Each panel is 35cm W x 150cm H x 0.8mm D

(150cm is from the rod which goes in to the ground – so once in the ground will measure at 135cm H.

7.20kgs Black Steel