Basalt Waterfall

Basalt Waterfall


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This stunning piece is one of a kind. It will be a talking point in any garden. Its visually pleasing and watching the journey of the water down the water fall is very relaxing. This would look great in a planted area or near a pond around trees – to add to its natural effect. This water feature is also very popular with birds as they have two baths to choose from and we have even seen frogs and newts use the larger bottom pool to freshen up in! A true masterpiece in its own natural form.

Basalt Waterfall Water feature

The water travels up the inside of the tallest column and then cascades in to the top bowl, once this bowl fills it then spills over in to the second larger bowl. Once this bowl is full the water then falls in to the large pool at the bottom of the water feature. The pool will then fill and overflow in to the hidden reservoir where the water is then recycled.

This feature is made from 3 very large basalt natural boulders and then two smaller hand carved bowls. The feature comes in 5 pieces and simply slots in to place.

The pool at the bottom and the two bowls are highly polished which means you can easily clean them if the birds make a mess!

OVERALL DIMENSIONS = 1 meter High x 1 meter long

Tallest column = 76cm tall (without boulder base)

Smallest column = 54cm Tall (without boulder base)

Largest Bowl = 50cm long (8cm imbedded in columns)

Smallest Bowl = 30cm long (4cm imbedded in column)

Included will be a Pump, Light and Pipe Kit, 112cm Reservoir & 114cm Galvenised Steel Grid

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