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SKU: 2408 black limestone-2

Babbling Pinky Granite Bowl on Lotus Bowl


This water feature set is ideal for those who haven’t the option to dig a reservoir in to the ground. The Granite Bowl simply sits on top of a galvanised grid which is resting inside of the lotus bowl.

This feature can be placed on a patio very easily and requires little maintenance.

You can choose any colour lotus bowl which would be suitable for your home. The options are Red, Bronze, Grey or Sandy. 

(From Left to Right, from Top to Bottom : Sandy, Bronze, Grey, Red)

Lotus Bowl – Dia 60cm 

Pinky Granite Bowl – Dia 45cm 


The Pinky Bowl is Hand Carved from Granite. The outside of the bowl is left rustic with a slight hammered effect; whereas the inside of the bowl is highly polished.