Babbling basalt fountain – XL

Babbling basalt fountain – XL


Our water features are hand carved from natural stone, making each individual feature completely unique. Carved from stone these water features will last a lifetime, require very little maintenance and will withstand harsh weather conditions.

All of our water features are included with a kit, this includes: a plastic reservoir, galvanised steel grid, 1200l/h pump, aqua pipe and light kit (choose from Blue or White LED)

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Transform your garden with this beautifully hand carved durable Basalt Column Fountain water feature. Crafted with a polished Black dished top to creates a shallow header pool on top from which pluming water cascades down over the column fountain.

All of these basalt columns are all individually unique in many ways which will compliment both traditional and modern gardens. Basalt columns make excellent water features they are highly durable creating excellent focal points which will give many years of enjoyment in your garden.

Basalt comes out the ground in theseĀ  unique shapes and so sizes and shape does vary a lot.

This water feature will create a beautiful sound of trickling and running water, creating a tranquil sound to sit and relax to in the long summer evenings. As well as providing a water source and a much needed drink to all kinds of nature, like wild birds, bees and even hedgehogs have been seenĀ  quenching there thirst.

Name Size Weight Colour Material
Babbling Basalt Fountain 75 to 90 x 10cm h 100kgs Black

Natural Basalt

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