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This beautiful brass armillary will be a statement in your garden – whether you buy a plinth or add it to an existing stone in your garden; it will be sure to compliment it.

The focal band has been judiciously engraved to show traditional Roman numerals.

Product Measurements

Large – 16″
Small -8″

How to set your new Armillary Sundial 

To calibrate or ‘time set’ your armillary by aligning the arrow with true north. To find true north we recommend marking a shadow cast by using a vertical object at the precise time of local noon. However, be sure to mark your shadow using a true vertical object. A pole aligned vertically and checked by a spirit level is the surest method of casting a good north indicating shadow.

Once the arrow (gnomon) angle is aligned with your established true north line be sure that the pedestal is fixed completely vertically, again using a spirit level. In fact, take horizontal and vertical readings and adjust the base as and when required. If the base is moved, the armillary will read inaccurately. Periodically check that the base is level, particularly in freezing weather. Also periodically check the time accuracy of your new armillary. Check that the gnomon casts no shadow at exactly 12 noon, for at the precise time of noon the sun is directly overhead, and true vertical objects will not cast shadows at this time.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Size of Armillary

Large, Small

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