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Basalt Statement - 90cm


Basalt Statement - 90cm

Code - 2219

Our water features are hand carved from natural stone, making each individual feature completely unique. Carved from natural basalt these water features will last a lifetime, require very little maintenance and will withstand harsh weather conditions.

Basalt water features are a stunning choice for adding a touch of elegance to your garden. Basalt is a volcanic rock formed from the rapid cooling of lava. Its dark color and fine-grained texture give it a sleek and modern appearance, perfect for creating a contemporary outdoor space. These water features include all the essentials like the reservoir, pump, and lighting, making it simple to set up and enjoy. The natural beauty of basalt adds a unique and sophisticated element to your garden, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.  

All of our water features are included with a kit, this includes: 70cm reservoir, galvanised steel grid, 1200l/h pump, aqua pipe and light (choose from Blue or White LED)

This water feature will create a beautiful sound of trickling and running water, creating a tranquil sound to sit and relax to in the long summer evenings. As well as providing a water source and a much needed drink to all kinds of nature, like wild birds, bees and even hedgehogs have been seen  quenching there thirst.

Name Colour Size Weight Material
Basalt Statement - 90cm Black/ brown 90cm High x 30/40cm 140kgs Natural Basalt
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Cascading Pebble Boulder Fountain

Our new black Limestone boulder feature is extremely stylish. The pebble design allows the water to run over each pebble and flow down in to the reservoir. The pebbles are highly polished creating an extremely smooth flowing water effect. Comes complete with :-
  • Reservoir - diameter 67cm x 34cm deep
  • Galvenised Steel Grid - Diameter 70cm
  • Water Feature Kit - 1000l/h pump, 1 meter aqua pipe, flow adjuster tap & LED light

Showing all 2 results